The University of Missouri-St. Louis Police Department is here to serve the campus community. Your support, cooperation, and involvement will assist us in creating and maintaining an environment conducive to higher education.

If you need assistance, please call: 314-516-5155.

The Campus Police office is located at 44 Campus Police Building, right next to the North Campus MetroLink stop.

We are focused on your personal safety; please share any worries, cares or concerns you may have about your individual safety or the personal safety of another student, faculty or staff member. Please let us know.

Many students, faculty, staff and visitors have asked what to do if they found themselves in an active shooter scenario.  As unlikely but frightening as it may be, the Campus Police Department encourages all to consider the options that are available to protect oneself. The video "Options for Consideration" is an instructive depiction of available choices and insight into how this Department and those surrounding us will respond.