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UMSL Bike Patrol

On October 9, 1995 the University of Missouri-St. Louis Police Department established a bike patrol unit and incorporated it into the daily operations of the department. Currently there are 2 officers assigned to the bike patrol, which operates on two shifts year-round, weather and manpower permitting.

The officers have been trained and are certified as Police Bicyclists by the International Police Mountain Bike Association.

Officers are trained in use of

The Advantages of a Bike

The Bike Patrol is a major part of the department's community policing philosophy, and offers a highly visible way to patrol the inner areas of the campus, sidewalks, quads, and parking lots. The increased accessibility of the officers has improved the feeling of safety on campus. The officers can respond more quickly in some cases because they can ride across the campus without using the roadways.  Officers on bike patrol are capable of performing all essential patrol duties.

Each year the Bike Patrol Unit covers several thousand miles on campus, as well as answering radio calls and assisting the other police units. The Bike Patrol is also utilized several times a year for special events.

Equipment and Uniforms

The Bike Officer uniform consists of

The Officers are equipped with

Bike Patrol Officers

Sergeant Tom McEwen

Officer Brandon Burton