Staff Directory

UMSL Police Department

Chief of Police Dan Freet
Director of Institutional Safety


Captain Marisa Smith
Deputy Chief of Police


Paul Anderson
Executive Officer, Bureau of Standards and Technology

Debbie Black Administrative Assistant  314-516-5158
Special Operations

Lieutenant David Woods
Deputy Commander, Bureau of Special Operations

Office of Crime Prevention and Community Involvement
Police Officer Dustin Smith 314-516-5536
Detective and Investigative Section
Detective Mariah Thomas
Police Operations
Lieutenant Tom McEwen Deputy Commander, Bureau of Patrol Operations 314-516-5413
Rich Aites 314-516-5187
Cedric Brooks 314-516-5167
Rob Carbonell 314-516-5177
Cedric Carr 314-516-5298
Scot Haywood 314-516-5176
Frank Schmitt 314-516-5159
Brian Clements
Police Officers 314-516-5155
Christoper Harris
Kristel Hollingsworth-Smith
Angel Mims
Peter Palombo
Katie Proffer
Douglas Rosemann
Amanda Schmidt
Andrew Stoner
James Whitaker
Glenn Curtis 
Dispatchers 314-516-5155
Judy Exner
Mike Landwier
Catlynn Stark