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Emergency Response

An Important Note: If you call 911 from any pay or cellular telephone on campus, your call will be directed to St. Louis County Police Communications. Be sure to tell the dispatcher you are on the UMSL campus to ensure UMSL police can promptly respond to your emergency.

Important Numbers

The UMSL Police Department supports campus-wide integrated emergency planning and business continuity planning in accordance with the National Incident Management System requirements. This plan will involve the cooperation of all campus departments as well as local fire departments, and many other public agencies. Certain elements of the UMSL Emergency Operations Plan are indexed on our Integrated Emergency Planning website.

UM System Records Management will assist campus units in preparing a disaster recovery plan.

Safety Escort
If you do not feel comfortable walking to a parking lot, bus stop, Metrolink stop, or anywhere else on campus, contact the Police Department at 314-516-5155 for an escort.