Working closely with the administration of University of Missouri - Saint Louis, the Police Department strives to make the campus a safe place to learn, live and work. Providing security to the campus community is a continuous process of re-evaluating existing policies and practices so that they conform to the changing needs of the community. The Campus Committee on Safety and Violence Prevention fosters a campus-side approach to safety. This committee produced a video entitled "UMSL Campus Safety" which we encourage students, faculty and staff to view at the following link: .

To increase campus safety, several steps have been taken:

  • The department’s Crime Prevention Officer is available to assist with seminars, surveys and materials.
  • Lighting has been improved at several locations.
  • Emergency telephones distinctively marked with blue lights have been installed throughout campus.
  • Red telephones are located throughout buildings.
  • The University has modified new construction and landscaping to provide a safer campus.
  • 24-hour preventative patrol
  • Burglar alarms in several areas
  • Property engraving program 
  • Police Safety Escorts
  • Vehicle service, including jump-starts, and opening of door locks.
  • Triton Watch program
  • Closed circuit cameras in selected parking and student housing areas
  • Card Access systems on residential doors and selected other areas
  • Community Oriented Police (COPS) officers assigned to residential areas

Please call 314-516-5155 for more information on programs, to obtain crime prevention materials, or for a safety escort.