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Personal Safety Tips

A high percentage of crimes on campus are crimes of opportunity. Members of the campus community can assist the Police Department by following some simple suggestions.

Be protective of your possessions and University property

Stay alert to your own safety when walking

Keep safe while driving, or returning to your vehicle

Protect your identity

Much of today's society is based on the exchange of information. With specific information, a thief can access your credit, your bank accounts and even establish and use new accounts in your name, as if they were their own.

When a person steals information about you, whether the information is used or not, they have committed a crime. Identity theft is the act of "stealing" or using another person's personal and/or financial information, including your social security number, date of birth, bank account numbers, credit card account numbers, personal identification numbers (PIN) for automatic teller machines, etc.

 REMEMBER: If a situation appears suspicious, or you think it's unusual, call the Campus Police.