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Substance Abuse Education

Students or employees with substance abuse problems create safety and health risks for themselves and others. Such abuses can also result in a wide range of serious emotional and behavioral problems. The University of Missouri-St. Louis makes available to every student a variety of alcohol and substance abuse awareness programs and brochures throughout the year. These programs have been designed to discourage the use of illicit substances and to educate students on the merits of legal and responsible alcohol consumption.

Counseling Services, 314-516-5711, 131 Millenium Student Center, provides counseling and referral assistance to faculty, staff and students who are troubled by a substance-abuse problem. Group and individual counseling sessions are provided to students year-round. Those suffering from substance-dependency problems are encouraged to seek assistance from Counseling Services. All information regarding the contact or any counseling is confidential and will be treated in accordance with University policies and state and federal laws. A student's decision to seek assistance will not be used in connection with any academic determination or as a basis for disciplinary process. This campus service is free to all faculty, staff and students.