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Making a Complaint

Complaints, to include anonymous complaints, can be made to a Department supervisor twenty four hours a day / seven days a week by calling (314) 516-5155 and asking to speak with the shift supervisor.

A complaint allegation form may also be filled out and returned to the University of Missouri-St.Louis Police Department at #1 University Blvd, 44 Campus Police Building, St. Louis, MO 63121. Or emailed to

Complaint Allegation Form (PDF 63KB)



It is the policy of the University of Missouri- St. Louis Police Department to ensure that integrity is maintained through an internal system where objectivity, fairness and justice are assured by the intensive and impartial investigation of all allegations.


Line supervisors may investigate a misunderstanding between a citizen and an employee and breaches of policy of a less serious nature (where the outcome will typically produce an action less than suspension, demotion, and/or termination). 

Allegations of violations of criminal law, reports of corruption, breaches of civil rights, major policy violations (outcomes which would typically produce suspension, demotion, and/or termination), allegations of a sensitive nature, and any investigation determined by the Chief of Police will be investigated by the Commanding Officer Bureau of Special Operations/Office of Professional Standards or in their absence a designee.

All professional standards investigations will be reviewed by the Chief of Police.


If the complaint is made in person or you have identified yourself and provided contact information you will receive an allegation receipt stating that your complaint has been received.  The allegation will be reviewed for veracity and an investigation will be initiated.  You will receive periodic status reports during the investigation.  Investigations are typically concluded within 90 days of receipt, however may be extended an additional 90 days if warranted.  You will be notified of the results of the investigation upon its conclusion.


All complaints brought to the attention of the department are investigated to a conclusion of fact.  The conclusion of fact may be any one of the following:

Exonerated - The incident occurred, but the employee's conduct was lawful and proper.

Unfounded - The allegation is false and the incident did not occur.

Not-Sustained - There is not enough evidence to prove or disprove the allegation.

Sustained - There is evidence to support the allegation.


For more information concerning the complaint process or about a specific complaint, contact the Commanding Officer Bureau of Special Operations/ Office of Professional Standards at 314-516-4192 or

Please feel free to view additional information concerning the Department's Mission Statement, Professional Standards and a link the current annual statistical summary of internal investigations conducted by the Office of Professional Standards by clicking here.